Setting up a new Mac

Jan 13 2013

This is a quick guide on what software I just installed when setting up a new Mac.



  • Xcode Command Line Tools for Xcode is a requirement for Homebrew so Xcode needs to be started once. Open Prefences -> Downloads -> and click install button.
  • Homebrew for easy installing software packages. Beats Macports 100-0.



  • Sublime Text 2: currently my favourite text editor due to its easy customisation possibilities. I'm using the dev channel build and storing my settings in GitHub for easy portability. It's useful to add command line launcher by following these instructions.
  • Byword for writing longer texts without clutter
  • Markdown Pro for writing Markdown docs

Productivity etc.

Terminal enhancements

  • oh-my-zsh zsh > bash, here I'm storing my settings. Follow the setup instructions here
  • iTerm2 better than default terminal

Dev tools

NodeJS related

  • NVM Simple bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions



    brew install mongodb
    brew install redis


     brew install git